Transform your next event with an impactful stage set

We’re taught not to judge a book by it’s cover, but we would be lying if we said we weren’t drawn to those with an eye catching design.

Some venues come complete with impressive built in stages, ornate ceiling details and a sense of grandeur. For some events, you may be working in an unusual space. A smaller meeting room, an office, a warehouse, a marquee or even a car park. Just because the space wasn’t custom built to house impressive events, doesn’t mean you can’t set the stage for an awe inspiring or memorable presentation.


Of course, having a set ‘theme’ for your event will drive the direction of your stage set design. Concepts such as ‘Gatsby’, ‘Bond’ and ‘Tropical’ have been popular recently, and lend themselves to distinct visuals.

Tropical Stage Set Marquee

Temporary Stage – Marquee


Without being so literal as to print your logo on a stage set, there are some fun and modern ways to incorporate your brand into a stage set. Using the brand colours in a geometric print gives you a fun burst of colour in a modern way. Layering a print like this with a modern floral arrangement adds texture and softens the look. Something clean and simple is perfect for a day time panel discussion or lunch presentation. A drape line the full width of the stage provided a canvas for the print and the flowers. The drape line also kept any distractions from the outside to a minimum for the audience.

Stage Set Corporate Blue Empire Red

Temporary Stage – Corporate Office


If you have the space on stage for a little depth, then take advantage of it. Staggering flats, layering drapes or building with something a little more unconventional is a fun way to change it up.

MYOB Stage Set Empire Red

MYOB Stage – Office Location

Overall a stage set doesn’t have to be a giant construction taking up time and eating in to your budget with large crewing requirements. A single banner to each side of stage to frame the main content on a projection screen can bring the focus back to the main feature – your presentation. Use a well thought out stage set design to get the attention of your audience, then keep it with the amazing content you’re there to deliver.

If you’re keen to transform your next product launch, award presentation or panel discussion with an impactfull stage set design enquire with us today. You can feel confident in knowing that the team have got it all covered.

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