Technical Event Lighting Transformations

Stylistically designed lighting is one of the most effective ways to transform a space. You can completely change the atmosphere of your event using technical event lighting. Whether it is a traditional event venue or an or an unusual event space such as an office, lighting is key.

Create interactive experiences

Recently a client was launching a new office space and wanted to create a unique way to encourage office exploration. So, using small yet bright battery operated LED lights along the floor we created runway inspired paths. These ‘runways’ lead guests around the office space to designated zones. With the overhead lights off the office space was transformed into an intriguing, futuristic, ‘choose your own adventure’ space.
The main objective of the event was to highlight technology and innovation. Partnering with other technology companies we were able to create a virtual reality experience and an interactive talking robot feature. Both experiences used technical event lighting to be truly effective; lasers, haze machines and a star cloth tunnel. As a result, guests were able to fully immerse themselves in the worlds we had collaboratively created.

Starcloth-tunnel-lighting-transformation runway-footpath-lighting-transformation

Use of colourED LIGHTING

Colour choice is always a powerful factor when it comes to mood and environment. You can choose colours to match a theme, to enhance a mood or celebrate a brand colour. Keep in mind that colours are often warm or cold. Balancing the space with complimentary colours will help you steer clear of a ‘disco’ look. Be mindful also of the effect of blue shades of lighting around food service if you are planning a dinner.
Technical event lighting-arrival-colour

Maximise the senses WITH Technical EVENT LIGHTING

Furthermore, heighten an event experience by bringing together sound, music, atmosphere and lighting for some real event theatrics. For this particular event we created a feature performance by choreographing music and lighting. The light show was set over a smoke floor and featured a grand finale of confetti cannons. It was entertaining and engaging by capturing sight, sound and touch all at once!

Confetti-cannon-lighting-transformation smoke-floor-lighting-transformation

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