Fabulous photo opportunities for your next event

Four fabulous photo booth alternatives

The traditional photo booth still has its place at social events. But when you have a bigger crowd and want something a little more unique, consider these ideas for your next event.

Arrival Feature

Grab your guests on their way in! Make a feature piece around the main arrival point to your venue. Your photographer will then be able to get a photo of everyone on their way into the event. This allows you to capture the excitement and anticipation of the event!

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A pop-up spot!

Bring a third dimension to your pop up photo opportunity. Create an environment and immerse your guests, something that suits your event. Perhaps a poolside cabana, a warm lounge room with a crackling fire or a formal English Garden complete with hedges and topiaries. With a feature piece of furniture or two, and some colourful props, you can make the ordinary extraordinary.

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Why squeeze in to a tiny photo booth when you can create great snaps with a free standing backdrop? We have a range of lightweight fabric backdrops, and can also custom print these to your specific requirements. You could add some props or handheld signs to tie it all together and there will be hours of laughs to be had. With the additional benefit of being light weight, these backdrops can be set up in the tightest of spaces and have no power requirements – perfect!

IP017.20151204.05529628 LianeHurvitzPhotography_57 MY CHEM WONDERLAND (39)

Living Wall

A green wall of foliage, sometimes faux, sometimes the real deal, can be a great backdrop for photos. With lots of texture and plenty of life the wall can also feature custom printed pieces. This might include event logos, sponsor recognition, social media hash tags or some stylish fresh flowers for colour. A great media wall or photo backdrop alternative.

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