Five Fresh Food Station ideas for your next event

If you have ever been delegated the task of making the company Christmas party more than ‘just another cocktail event’ you will know the struggle that comes with planning an annual event that each year needs to be different. We have pulled together our five favourite food station ideas that we have executed over the past few months. Hopefully this will provide some creative inspiration for you to get conversations going with your venue or caterer for your next event.

Seafood Station:

Whether it’s an oyster bar for something formal, or fish and chip cones for something more relaxed, seafood themed food stations are a great place to add a little character to your event. Nautical touches can be added with a rustic timber station and hints of the seaside. Our favourites include shells, buoys, ropes and anchors. Feature pieces such as our ships wheel and boat oars are great when you have a little more space to play with.


Tea station:

A great concept for a variety of events; Iced tea station for summer parties or family fun days when you want to provide something interesting on the beverage list outside of the usual beverage package inclusions. In winter it is a great way to warm up your guests on arrival. With so many varieties to choose from; Green Teas, fruity Tisanes and old time favourites like Earl Grey and English breakfast, there is sure to be a tea to satisfy any crowd. Here are some images of our Linear Bar units for a recent tea station. The glass teapots provided by the catering company really help add to the theatre of tea, and risers give height to the selections at the back.

vjp-8 vjp-14 vjp-18 vjp-21

Market Stall

Bringing a touch of the local produce market to your event is always a great way to bring a station to life without a specific theme or cuisine as the focus. Crates, tubs and trays of produce bring colour and freshness to the scene. Speak to your venue or caterer about your menu selections and incorporate these key flavours in to the visuals. Herbs and aromatics are great ways to add the element of smell – an additional layer of detail for the experience.

ALP_6154 ALP_6235 DSC_9142 DSC_9143

Arabian Nights:

If the menu features a specific cuisine, take your guests on a journey to the destination without leaving the venue! This concept is all about authenticity, and is a great opportunity to immerse guests in a particular culture or continent. Arabian nights is a favourite of ours, with lots of spices, colours, textures and intricate details to get lost in. Tagines, falafels, eggplant dip and flat bread, there are lots of crowd pleasers to suit this exotic escape.


Dumpling Station:

Speaking of crowd pleasers, when are dumplings not a good idea? Add to the theatre with a Chef at the station, folding dumplings for the guests to see. It really is a mesmerising talent. We love to dress a dumpling station with towers of steamer baskets, strings of chilli and garlic. Asian kitchen utensils and lanterns help bring a taste of the orient to where ever you may be.

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